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Main feature

The app will support to

• Select numbers directly via phone, the application automatically converts to the SMS. The SMS is FREE

• Pay via affiliate wallet/bank or top up your user betting account

• Look up the results, watch live draw

• Winning announcement as soon as the draw's results are available

• Pay the prize directly to the user's register bank account (for the prize under 10 billion)

• Other convinient features: lucky numbers/ favourite numbers, news on winning and many utilities are integrated in the application

Hotline: 1900 599 822 (1500 VND/min) 1900 599 900 (5000VND/min)

Create account

Step 1: fill personal information

• Take photo of two side of ID card or fill the information according to the instructions

• Select where to register for the prize (Local selected will receive about 3,000 VND per Vietlott 10,000 VND ticket and personal income tax of winners to invest in health, education, climate change prevention and new rural construction.)

Step 2: Enter the bank account to receive prize

• Fill the bank information or linked wallet for the system to automatically pay the prize when the customer wins.

• Customers can create a new bank account according to the instructions on the app.

• Read, agree to the terms of use of the app and log back in, change the password to use the app.

Step 3: Enter the payment account

• Customers can deposit money directly into an advance limit account or link a current account with affiliated banks, supporting banks or e-wallets.

• Select the most appropriate form of payment to save as Default

Step 4: Instructions to top up the bonus limit

• For Mobifone's subscribers: http://vietlottsms.vn/mobifone/hmdt

• For Viettel's subscribers http://vietlott-sms.vn/hmdt

• For Vinaphone's subscribers http://vinaphone.vietlottsms.vn/hmdt


Select numbers :

- Customers choose the products you want to buy on the Home screen to return to the number selection screen:

• Click to "" to select the set of numbers

• Select "" to let the app choose for you

• Press "" to save the selected set of numbers as favorites

• Select the Random Selection features – let the app select for you the lucky number combination, Trend selection – To select the most bought numbers or the highest percentage of appearances, Favorite number combination – to reselect Your favorites set of numbers have been previously saved or Elective so that the lottery system chooses to help you.

• Choose other information such as game rule, bonus amount, the draw

- To select more game, select Add to cart to store your chosen number combinations and return to the main screen to select the next game.

- To find out details about the game rules, please visit the Play tab > select game > Game introduction


- After selecting all number combinations, choose Payment, the system will automatically switch to the default form of payment.

- Deposit money into the advance limit account or change another form of payment in case the account does not have enough money.


The system automatically sends winning notification as soon as the draw results are available

View detailed results of lottery tickets purchased at Personal -> Number selection history.

Automatic bonus payment with the winning amount up to 10 billion VND

See more: here.