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Quy định lĩnh thưởng

Apply to sales via terminal attached with Decision No. 185/QD-VIETLOTT dated 17/4/2018 of the General Director of Vietnam Lottery Company

Places for prize claim and rewards (Article 3 - Item 1)
a) Vietlott head office and its branches;
b) Points of sale (POS); 
c) Agents will pay prizes with value up to 10 billion Dong;
d) For Jackpot winner with prize values over 10 billion Dong/ticket: The request for payment will be addressed to the Vietlott's branch in charge where the ticket was issued

Documents submitted by the winners (Article 4- Item 2)
a) Qualified winning tickets as prescribed by Vietlott's regulation

b) National identity card; Citizen identity card; Personal passport or Valid visa;
c)  Valid proxy form should the prize claim is performed by an authorised representative

Authorisation (Article 9)

Should the winners, due to objective reasons (sickness, illness, on business trip, ...), can not come to claim reward in person, they can authorise their legal representative to receive the reward instead. Authorisation of the prize claim must be made in writing with certification/notarization of the applicable authorities.

Prize claim period (Article 5)

a) The claim period of winning tickets is within 60 (sixty) days, counting from the date of winning results determined. Beyond this date, the winning tickets are no longer valid for reward

b) The claim reception and payment will be made 60 minutes after the draw results are publicized on the Company's website.

Time to make payment (Article 6)

a) The time for making payment to winners is 05 (five) working days from the date Vietlott receives the claim request.

b) In case there are disputes or complaints, the payment duration shall be extended until official conclusion is announced by the competent State authorities.

Personal income tax on income from lottery winnings

Personal income tax for winners is stipulated in Circular No. 111/2013/TT-BTC regarding the Law on Personal Income Tax and Decree 65/2013/ND-CP by the Minister of Finance. More detail at Here